Optimum protection in both seawater and freshwater environments where biofouling and marine growth are evident.

Screen bucket of seawater intake of a power plant(Japan)

Power plants in Japan face a serious battle against the marine growth during power generation. The presence of biofouling in bucket screen intake reduces the output power generation. On the other hand; in Petrochemical and Steel plants, the marine growth affects seriously the large amounts of seawater needed to several process.

Damage caused by marine growth, such as barnacles and many kinds of algae grows in clusters affects the pipelines and other equipments till the tailrace. The main problems directly connected to the marine grow is the reduction in the cooling capacity of the condensers due to the decrease in seawater flow rate.

Removal of marine growth, collection and transportation is a common practice that does not satisfy the cost and effect against the marine growth. The Water & waste industry has been investing effort and very large amounts of money in regular basis to prevent the biofouling growth.

A new alternative has been developed to provide optimum protection in both sea water and fresh water environments where biofouling and marine growth are evident. The Biofoul coating, this product is a three-pack synthetic, hydrolysable polyester solution designed for application over a corrosion barrier coating – typically Corrocoat’s own Polyglass materials.

Biofoul forms a hard and durable surface, resistant to scuffing and high velocity water flow. This makes it ideally suitable for use on static constructions as well as pipework and other areas where flow velocity may be a consideration


Total repair and refurbishment of heat exchanger and See water Pump.

Many of the large condensers in power plant use sea water as cooling mean, the water chambers and tube plates are subject to severe corrosion. In cases were the fresh water is used as cooling water, the two-metal corrosion can not be avoided because the two dissimilar metals we have in the tubes and plates. Corrosion problems are fully resolved with the appropriate corro-coating protection.

These can be fully resolved in the appropriate coding processing. Not difficult also to repair the corrosion repair place that already occurred.