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Crane: heavy corrosion protection

A rust tolerant coating requiring minimal surface preparation, Plasmet ZF offers long term resistance to corrosion attack for applications ranging from structural steel through pipework to tank externals. The product can also be used as a high quality primer on new and gritblasted steelwork for both internal and external applications.

Before coating. Heavy corrosion

First layer of Plasmet

Second layer of Plasmet

After coating application

Pump Monitoring.

The pump monitoring service is carried out in-situ in real time operating conditions. Our monitoring instrument (TPM) takes real time measurement of the pump in service; through monitoring several parameter, TPM deploys the pump performance in a friendly screen. Using state of the art software we can plot multiple curves on to a single graph to make comparison of OEM curves and easy interpretation of test results.

Gate valve tapping position

TPM sensors position

Pump monitoring

Data analysis

Insulating coating for Chilled Water pump.

Heatblocka has been proven as an excelent product to insulate chilled water pump, not only for the thermal difference protection and easy application but to avoid corrosion problems coming because of vapor saturation. A 3mm thickness of Heatblocka would reduce the surface temperature of a pipe from typically 90°C to around 67°C; applied at 6mm a reduction from 90°C to circa 55°C is achieved.


Pump casing after coating

Pump casing (None coated area)

Pump casing (Coated area)

Internal pipe lining in a SW cooling system of a Power Plant

The Polyglass system was selected to internal pipe lining of 1,500 mm dia x 150 m long. Total lining area was 3,600 square meter. 

Pipe lining

After coating

Energy Saving in Vertical pump.

The fluiglide "High eficiency energy" coating was applied to this vertical pump. More than 20 years of experience has shown that pump efficiency increase more than 8% after applying fluiglide coating. The savings in energy consumption are notorius and the payback for this service, some times is less than 1 year.

Open impeller before coating

After coating

Before coating

After coating

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