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Water & waste

Water & waste

Public facilities applications provided by Corrocoat in a wide range of environments demonstrate the great flexibility of our products where we are developing comprehensive services including coating.
The Defense Agencies has been doing ship-related coating applications and has got many achievements and confidence in our products.

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Power and Gas

Power and gas

It is well known that the long-term safe operation of equipment in the electric power and gas industries is an important issue.
Corrocoat has contributed to the long-term protection of equipment at many gases and electric power companies. Corrocoat offers long-term corrosion protection/repair regeneration in seawater systems for turbine equipment, corrosion resistance protection for high temperature/high corrosion in boiler equipment, antifouling/longterm salt damage countermeasures for water intake equipment, etc.

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Chemical / Petrochemical

Chemical and Petrochemicals

We have been involved in corrosion-resistant construction in chemical and petroleum refining industry for over 30 years.
Corrocoat glass flake coatings enable use in diverse chemical environments, and these high-quality coatings provide unmatched levels of chemical resistance, heat resistance, and erosion resistance, as well as pump energy-saving fluiglide system and pump performance improvement.

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Steel / Paper

Steel & Papar

Corrocoat has many coating materials that specialize in wear resistance, repair and rebuild equipment.
Not only wear resistance can be obtained by coating, but also chemical resistance to improve the lifespan.

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Solving corrosion problems has been a major challenge for mining companies around the world.
There is a wide variety of equipment that require coating. The cost of construction and the long-term protection of corrocoat materials provides a huge cost advantage compared to the cost of maintaining conventional equipment. Corrocoat is making great strides around the world in achieving long-term plant maintenance in harsh environments.

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The operating conditions of equipment in a ship are corrosive environments associated with seawater.
Most of the equipment in the dock maintenance is heavily damaged, maintenance is also required in a short period of time, functional recovery and durability are also required to withstand long voyages.

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