Corrocoat products are perfect for withstanding harsh operating environments.

Solving problems related to corrosion quickly, conveniently, and economically.

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Corrocoat anti-corrosion coating systems are the best cost-effective in the market; offer environmentally options capable of significantly extending the service life of major engineering components.

Corrosion eats away not only at capital equipment but also at profits. Protection against corrosion is a vital issue in extending the working life of plants and equipment, reducing total life cycle costs.

Corrocoat’s technologies and materials give the flexibility to combat complex corrosion problems.

The company utilizes specialist composite and structural coatings combined with engineering techniques to provide individually tailored solutions to corrosion problems.

We offer an extensive and specific range of coating products (over 70 types) and application processes,
designed to protect plants and equipment throughout the industry

The outstanding anti-corrosion technology, concentrate the Corrocoat’s original coating system and highly developed engineering technology to supply new products and technology for corrosion problems that the modern industry has, our coating group is in continuous R&D.

The go-to choice

Focusing on quality, Corrocoat refurbishment and protection techniques are a proven and cost-effective weapon,
allowing companies to win the war against corrosion such as Oil exploration and production, Petrochemical refining,
Steel manufacture, Water and effluent treatment, Electrical power generation from nuclear, fossilized, and hydro
resources, Pulp and paper, Agrochemicals and, Marine industry among others.

〔 Our technology allows us 〕
  • Re-engineering damaged equipment (often already considered as scrap).
  • Assessing new components and structures at design stage for corrosion potential.
  • Putting forward tailored proposals to prevent corrosion damage.
  • Suggesting design modifications to minimize the problems of corrosion attack.

Corrocoat System-Comprehensive package

Whatever the industrial sector, and whatever the application is,

Our services

An extensive range of anti-corrosion protective coatings.

Our unique glass flake coatings excel in advanced corrosion protection.
We provide a wide range of corrosion protection and engineering service.

Problem-free, cost-effective solutions against corrosion.

Fully integrated packages cover initial assessment and recommendations, supply of materials, application, quality assurance, managed under a safety overview.

The one-stop solution

We offer many specialist composites and structural coatings combined with mechanical processes and techniques, including manufacturing parts.

Wide range of corrosion protection and engineering services.

Comprehensive reporting systems guarantee total control over performance, quality, and safety at all stages. Inspection by NACE qualified personnel.

Service provision system

Corrocoat – The Comprehensive Package

Working to customer requirements, we use an extensive and specific range of coating products and application processes developed by Corrocoat, designed to protect plants and equipment throughout the industry.

Our teams are highly skilled and experienced staff.

Whichever service is required, our work is carried out by skilled and professional service that is both reliable and costeffective, providing swift and convenient solutions to corrosion problems throughout the industry

Our facilities

With a fully equipped coating application shop, heavy engineering facilities, and a trained team of specialists, we are ready to respond, whatever your bespoke needs.

Research & Development.

Corrocoat is constantly looking at new ways to solve new corrosion problems as well as achieving improved and more costeffective ways of solving the old ones.


We offer unique expertise in coating development and application. Whether it’s protection for new or existing plants, our coating solutions are the fast, convenient and economical answer.