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〔 Characteristics of Corrocoat Coating Systems. 〕

Corrocoat products are perfect for withstanding harsh operating environments.
Unique high-performance composites and coatings not only fight against corrosion but also prolong the life of metals and machinery

  • Easier to repair and maintain with patches
  • Our flakes are much finer and thinner which means our glass flake products apply much more easily.
  • Generally, we can get our build thickness in a single layer, which saves on applied costs, scaffolding, time, etc. (better thixotropic technology)
  • Corrocoat's DFTs are generally lower, which means the material cost per square foot is cheaper because spread rates are better.
  • Permeation resistance and cathodic disbondment resistance of Corrocoat are better due to the higher quality and thinner flake used
  • Corrocoat surface finish of sprayed flake-filled coatings is much better due to finer, thinner flakes.