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Chemicals and seawater- Case studies

Long life of Pump

■ Corroglass 600 is a vinyl ester coating material with high corrosion resistance. ■ Because it has excellent machinability, it is the best material for molding and repairing parts lost in the seawater environment. ■ Excellent coating material and original construction technology will prolong lifespan.

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Protection of concrete and outdoor equipment in saline environments

■ Full protection to pipe support (including steel structures). ■ Adopted as a measure that allows long-term protection. ■ Measures against salt damage on steel structures will also be implemented. ■ All of this work was done by a single contractor.

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Nickel refining pilot plant corrosion resistant coating trial

■ This product can be used in the pH range of 0-14. ■ Covers up to 110℃ in liquid and 185℃ in air. ■ Can be installed in a short time by spraying application. ■ Even with respect to expansion, contraction, and deflection, which are a concern in large tanks, the coating rate of elongation and thin-film construction provide enough flexibility. ■ Standardization of reinforcement works for tank corners and weld by fiberglass lamination treatment ■ Construction on the flange surface of the nozzle connection

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