On-site repairs

The one-stop solution
for on-site repairs

Solving corrosion-related problems quickly,
conveniently and economically?

Combining the resources of the established workshops with the flexibility of site operations driven by proven management provides problem-free, cost-effective solutions for corrosion-related problems.
Fully integrated packages cover Initial assessment and recommendations, application and, quality assurance, managed under a safety overview. Comprehensive reporting systems guaranteeing total control over performance, quality, and safety at all stages throughout inspection services by NACE qualified personnel.

Overseas project: Large diameter thickener (diameter 42m)

A large thickener . Internal preparation, supply and application of coating system.
Process application: Internal spray application and strengthen by GRP



Coating system:
Polyglass VEF / Polyglass VE / 600 laminating resin + glass fiber GRP (*)
(*) GRP = glass fiber reinforced polymer

One Point

We have developed expertise in the management of coating programs for tanks and vessels used in different environments. We use a unique and robust method for the repair of floors on large flat bottomed tanks, using advanced composite materials, without the need for overplating.