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Chemical / Petrochemical- Case studies

Water pump Energy saving

We plan to service save energy coating by targeting pumps that have a long operating time per year and have a relatively large power load. We carried out the pump performance monitoring that is normally performed before and after coating application. Pump maintenance is also performed at the same time, including the manufacturing of some parts.

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Long life of Pump

■ Corroglass 600 is a vinyl ester coating material with high corrosion resistance. ■ Because it has excellent machinability, it is the best material for molding and repairing parts lost in the seawater environment. ■ Excellent coating material and original construction technology will prolong lifespan.

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Cooling tower fan blade span life extension

■ Reliability from an evaluation of pump liner repair results. ■ Selection and method of construction of the lining material suitable for the environment. ■ Characteristics of the coating material ・Coating selection considering the damage status, material, and environment of use. ・Development of a repair method that takes into account the selection of coating materials that have resistance to corrosion and wear and extension of life.

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Life span extension of a chlorine gas

■ Adopted after the good results of the test piece in a high temperature and high corrosion environment. ■ Operating temperature of this pipe is 200°C, and since it has a chlorine gas, a coating material with excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance is required. ■ Features of Corrothane XT ・ According to product specifications, it has a heat resistance of 160℃ in a liquid environment and 260℃ in gas environment. ・ It can be used at full pH (pH 0-14). ・ It has been widely adopted as a countermeasure in high temperature and high corrosion environments. ■ Coating measures were established in a highly corroded environment. ■ Measures by coating in a highly corroded environment have become standard.

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230℃ Sludge combustion gas line corrosion protection

■ The use of special metals for corrosion also presents thinning of walls and holes due to the advance of corrosion. ■ Corrosion progresses throughout the plant due to exhaust gases containing filtered sulfur. ■ The Corrocoat products used in this application have shown great efficiency in saving maintenance costs.

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