Rust tolerant coatings

Surface tolerant coating requiring
minimal surface preparation.

Low surface preparation costs -long life cycles provide cost effectice corrosion control

Plasmet ZF offers long-term resistance to corrosion attack for applications ranging from structural steel through pipework to tank externals. The product can also be used as a high-quality primer on new and grit blasted steelwork for both internal and external applications.

  • Plasmet ZF is manufactured as a rust converter and neutralizer with corrosion inhibition.
  • The addition of the Glassflake provides an excellent moisture vapor barrier.

Chemical Industry: Reactor Kettle long-term corrosion protection and decorative appearance.

Plasmet ZF can be used in either single or multiple coats forp rotection over rusted surfaces.

Problem: Surface preparation is not possible due to indoor equipment.
Request: Low surface preparation costs, combined with long life cycles, increase chemical resistance and improved decorative appearance.
Coating material: Plasmet ZF / ZX

Power Industry: Protection against saline environments in external pipes.

Before coatig
Before coatig
One year after coating
One year after coating

Miimal surface preparation
Coating material: Plasmet ZF / ZX

One Point

Because Plasmet is formulated to perform well on poorly prepared surfaces; when it is applied to well-prepared surfaces the performance is outstanding. This product provides an excellent inhibitive primer/corrosion protection layer for a wide variety of paints and coatings.