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Valves, heat exchangers, and other equipment

We are expert in anti-corrosion tecnology.

The Comprehensive Package.

• Corrocoat provide the total package comprising design, engineering, coating manufacture and testing.
• We offer an extensive and specific range of coating products and application processes designed to protect plants and equipment throughout the industry
• Increasingly specified as the industry standard, our coatings protect both; new and existing plant equipment.
• These materials guard against the destructive environments in which they operate and substantially extend the projected working life.

Heat exchanger tube plate surface Corrosion resistant coating.


Scope: Pipe plate surface

Marine: Repair of a three-way valve by corrosion coating.

After coating application


Assembled unit


Coating material: Coroglass 600

One Point

Our innovative coating materials and engineering skills have enabled us to make component design modifications that have also proved effective in overcoming associated corrosion-related problems.