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The Polyglass range of materials was originally developed to create a spray-applied protective coating that offered all the performance advantages of a flake glass filled system, together with improved ease and speed of application. Over the years, the Polyglass range has expanded to include different formulations developed to meet specific application requirements.

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An engineering coating that makes the best use of the characteristics of high-performance glass flakes, uses resin technology to safeguard process environments.
Typical applications include refurbishing and protecting heavy-duty capital equipment such as pumps, valves, water boxes, heat exchanger tube faces, spool pieces, filters, strainers, and auxiliary equipment.

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These coating products are ideal for critical service applications that require special measures such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and protection against marine growth.
These high-performance polymeric products offer long-term biofouling prevention, resistance to cathodic disbonding, crack bridging, high conductivity, and resistance to chemicals, including high concentrations of sulfuric acid.

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The Fluiglide system – first introduced in 1985 – has now been applied to literally thousands of pumps worldwide, achieving in every case significant efficiency improvements.
The performance of the process has been the subject of extensive test procedures, including evaluation by major manufacturers, utilities and industrial users.

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The Plasmet range of high-performance protective coatings from Corrocoat brings together a selection of durable materials formulated to provide high-performance and highly specified anti-corrosion solutions for a range of applications and substrates to meet the demands of different operational environments.

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By Application

Plant protection

Coating material that can be used in various applications such as tanks, pipes, steel structures, concrete, and in high temperature and high corrosion areas such as flues.
It is a series of products that support various construction methods for pipelines, as well as on-site construction and spray construction to enable efficient work.

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Equipment repair

Primarily engineered coating materials that are graded based on chemical resistance, moldability, and machinability, taking full advantage of high-performance glass flake characteristics. The material is used in valves, ancillaries, and various equipment such as heat exchangers; the main goal is corrosion resistance and refurbishment.

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Special application

A series of specialized coatings for important equipment that require special protection measures against corrosion.
As an anti-foul, Biofoul provides an excellent alternative to toxic fouling materials.
A polyamide cured epoxy compound, Plasmet ZF is manufactured as a rust converter and neutralizer with corrosion inhibition. The Glassflake provides an excellent moisture vapor barrier, allowing this material to be used on its own or with a topcoat.

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Pump repair & refurbishment

It is a coating material with excellent resistance to corrosion and wears.
This material not only allows the repair, regeneration, and functional recovery of various damaged pumps, but also performs long-term operations, extending the pumps’ lifespan.

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Pump engineering

The ability to combine mechanical engineering with advanced polymer technology allows offering pump reengineering, plus coating services for corrosion protection on almost all types of pumps.
This use of our advanced materials can prevent the need for expensive metallurgical solutions on new pumps, and recover pumps considered as scrap.

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Fluiglide energy saving coating system

Fluiglide materials offer dual benefits.
The system not only achieves notable increases in overall efficiency levels but also provides an effective corrosion barrier, preventing early fall-off in performance due to nodular growth and surface corrosion. Fluiglide offers proven efficiency increases, with documented evidence of results achieved. Additionally, we also offer special abrasion-resistant variants of the Fluiglide system, for use where the solids burden is high and abrasive.

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By environment

High temperature and corrosion

For high-temperature and high corrosion operating conditions, these materials enable long-term corrosion resistance for equipment such as exhaust gas lines, flues, scrubbers, and neutralization tanks.
It can be used as a spray-applied, which enables efficient work even in on-site construction.
The use range of the coating material is 160°C in liquid, and 260°C in air, and the pH covers a full pH of 0 to 14.

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Chemicals and seawater

Due to the excellent properties of these coating materials against corrosion in diverse corrosive environments, allows covering a wide range of industries and operating conditions of auxiliary equipment, pumps, pipes, valves, tanks, etc.
Although the use range of the coating material is normal room temperature, there are also products that can cover the maximum of 110 °C in immerse and 185 °C in non-immerse conditions and pH from 0 to 14.

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Wear environment

High-performance abrasion-resistant protective coatings offer wear resistance and corrosion resistance, it is possible not only to repair and regenerate equipment but also to extend its lifespan.
The range includes specially designed abrasion-resistant options, available in different grades, designed to meet the abrasive operational challenges found in the industry worldwide.

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Water, sewerage, & wastewater

The products are widely used for corrosion resistance in water treatment fields such as sewage and rainwater, for equipment repair and maintenance, and for coating construction in potable water fields.
In this group, there are also a series of coating materials that can solve many corrosion problems in the fields of industrial water and industrial wastewater due to the great chemical resistance.

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