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High temperature and corrosion- Case studies

Life span extension of a chlorine gas

■ Adopted after the good results of the test piece in a high temperature and high corrosion environment. ■ Operating temperature of this pipe is 200°C, and since it has a chlorine gas, a coating material with excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance is required. ■ Features of Corrothane XT ・ According to product specifications, it has a heat resistance of 160℃ in a liquid environment and 260℃ in gas environment. ・ It can be used at full pH (pH 0-14). ・ It has been widely adopted as a countermeasure in high temperature and high corrosion environments. ■ Coating measures were established in a highly corroded environment. ■ Measures by coating in a highly corroded environment have become standard.

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230℃ Sludge combustion gas line corrosion protection

■ The use of special metals for corrosion also presents thinning of walls and holes due to the advance of corrosion. ■ Corrosion progresses throughout the plant due to exhaust gases containing filtered sulfur. ■ The Corrocoat products used in this application have shown great efficiency in saving maintenance costs.

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