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Water, sewerage & wastewater- Case studies

Water pump Energy saving

We plan to service save energy coating by targeting pumps that have a long operating time per year and have a relatively large power load. We carried out the pump performance monitoring that is normally performed before and after coating application. Pump maintenance is also performed at the same time, including the manufacturing of some parts.

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Multi-stage pump maintenance

■ We are not only limited to disassembly and maintenance, but we can provide total support such as parts manufacturing and repair by coating. ■ Add value such as repair and regeneration and extension of life can be obtained. ■ Respond within the required construction period. ■ Coating is selected according to environment and application such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and molding.

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Drainage plant discharge flap valve. Antifouling coating

■ Environment: River estuary area ■ Avoid corrosion progress of flap valves and prevent marine growth. Although the butterfly valve is made of stainless steel, the progress of corrosion becomes evident due to the influence of deposits. Prevent leakage from the flap valve seals.

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Drainage pump station, lifespan extension of rainwater discharge pipes

■ Pipes that have been repaired by other companies in the past but without success opt for corrocoat products. ■ In repairs done by other companies (epoxy repairs after cleaning treatment), there is a concern of corrosion progression and recurrent failures, so a reliable product is required. ■ The basis for reliability of Corrocoat products ・ Strict surface treatment standards ・ Excellent coating performance and repair technology ・ Repair and regeneration technology for holes, defects, and thin parts

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