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Drainage pump station, lifespan extension of rainwater discharge pipes

Project Span life extension of rainwater pump discharge pipes
Target Corrosion-resistant by coating application & repair of holes and defects
Photo description

Before repair-corrosion progress

After blasting / cleaning treatment

Coating, Machining Shaping-After coating application

Customers and industries
Public facilities (Wastewater in an airport)
Target equipment
Rainwater drainage equipment
Target Item
Rainwater discharge piping Φ900 x Φ700
Coating period
March 2013
Scope of work
Inner surface of piping, socket part
Materials used
■ Corrosion resistance / molding: Polyglass VEF, Coroglass 600
■ Repair of holes: Armagel, 600 laminating resin
Coating process
■ Surface preparation: Blast grit and cleaning treatment
■ Coating application: Corrosion resistance coating, wall thinning molding treatment
■ Hole repair: High hardness coating + glass fiber laminating treatment
■ Processing: Machining to design dimensions
Merits of this application
■ Pipes that have been repaired by other companies in the past but without success opt for corrocoat products.
■ In repairs done by other companies (epoxy repairs after cleaning treatment), there is a concern of corrosion progression and recurrent failures, so a reliable product is required.
■ The basis for reliability of Corrocoat products
・ Strict surface treatment standards
・ Excellent coating performance and repair technology
・ Repair and regeneration technology for holes, defects, and thin parts
Corrocoat Japan credentials etc
■ Adjustment and repair using Corrocoat products are highly accepted.
・ Machinability and perfection of the coated part.