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Corrocoat Ltd. is an English corporation specialising in anti-corrosion technology that has provided coating and engineering solutions since 1974. Corrocoat Ltd operates from more than thirty locations across five continents. And it’s from this unique position, we offer genuine value-for-money, helping protect and prolong the lifespan of industrial metals, machinery, structures, and equipment.

With more than 80 types of coating products, we provide coating applications and engineering services. Corrocoat Japan Ltd is the approved and Licensed in Japan since 1988 for the use of products and technology of Corrocoat Ltd and is renowned as an energy-saving specialist for pump systems.

Corrocoat products are perfect for withstanding harsh operating environments. Our unique high-performance composites and coatings not only fight against corrosion but also prolong the life of metals and machinery. Corrocoat has dedicated over forty years of research into the development of effective corrosion prevention and control methods and materials, solving corrosion-related problems throughout the industry.

Company Profile

Year foundedSeptember 22, 1988
Address2521-1, Kawakita, Innami, Inami-cho Kako-gun,
Hyogo-ken, Japan
Tel+81 79 495 6200
+81 79 495 6201
Corrocoat Japan Co, Ltd.
Corrocoat Group.
Idea Co. Ltd
Corrocoat Philippines Inc.
Corrocoat Japan (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Corrocoat UK Headquarters Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Corrocoat Overseas Network, 37 offices in 24 countries around the world
Core Business


With a fully-equipped coating application shop, heavy engineering facilities, and a trained team of specialists,
Corrocoat Japan, and its subsidiaries are ready to respond, whatever your bespoke needs

Quality Management

The wide range of engineering and corrosion
protection services are developed according to our
strict quality control system in all stages of work.
Besides that, to keep improving and maintaining
quality, we have obtained ISO certification, and under a

ISO 9001:2015/ JIS Q 9001:2015 AND ISO14001-2015


Address2521-1 Kawakita, Inami-cho, Kako-gun, Hyogo 675-1111
Access30 minutes by taxi from JR Nishi-Akashi station
10 minutes by taxi from JR Tsuchiyama station