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High temperature and corrosion

For high-temperature and high corrosion operating conditions, these materials enable long-term corrosion resistance for equipment such as exhaust gas lines, flues, scrubbers, and neutralization tanks.
It can be used as a spray-applied, which enables efficient work even in on-site construction.
The use range of the coating material is 160°C in liquid, and 260°C in air, and the pH covers a full pH of 0 to 14.

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Chemicals and seawater

Due to the excellent properties of these coating materials against corrosion in diverse corrosive environments, allows covering a wide range of industries and operating conditions of auxiliary equipment, pumps, pipes, valves, tanks, etc.
Although the use range of the coating material is normal room temperature, there are also products that can cover the maximum of 110 °C in immerse and 185 °C in non-immerse conditions and pH from 0 to 14.

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Wear environment

High-performance abrasion-resistant protective coatings offer wear resistance and corrosion resistance, it is possible not only to repair and regenerate equipment but also to extend its lifespan.
The range includes specially designed abrasion-resistant options, available in different grades, designed to meet the abrasive operational challenges found in the industry worldwide.

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Water, sewerage, & wastewater

The products are widely used for corrosion resistance in water treatment fields such as sewage and rainwater, for equipment repair and maintenance, and for coating construction in potable water fields.
In this group, there are also a series of coating materials that can solve many corrosion problems in the fields of industrial water and industrial wastewater due to the great chemical resistance.

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