Tank protection

260℃ High temperature
and in highly corrosive
environment protection.

Achieves long-term protection
with short delivery time and low cost !

Corrocoat Japan has developed experience and expertise in the management of coating programs for tanks and vessels used in environments as diverse as sewage treatment, activated carbon filtration, chemical and hydrocarbon storage, and offshore oil processing.
Over the years, materials developed by Corrocoat have been used extensively for the protection of a wide range of tanks and vessels for storage, treatment, process, and even road, rail, and sea transport applications. In many cases, these coatings have been in continuous service for up to 20 years without requiring further maintenance.

Big process tank coating


The tank internal and floor were coated by spray application.

Nozzle flange surface processing finish


Nozzle Flange, surface coating finishes to the outside of the tank.

Absorption tower coating and nozzle flange


The application of specialist protective coating will provide superior corrosion protection.

One Point

Tank protection with Corrocoat coating systems covers a wide range of corrosive environments with pH from 0 to 14 and temperatures up to 260℃.

Most of the materials are spray applied thus; a coating work is delivered in a short time and at a low cost.