Challenging to corrosion

Since its founding, Corrocoat has led the way in anti-corrosion coatings. Our products have helped protect all kinds of industrial giants, some of the biggest names operating in the power generation, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries, from the damaging effects of corrosion. At Corrocoat, we save our customers from expensive replacement costs. From traditional paints that repair and preserve to unique glass flake coatings that excel at advanced corrosion protection. With the combination of high-grade solutions and highly technical expertise, we are proud to provide corrosion engineering and long-term corrosion protection to all.

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About Corrocoat Coating System

From inspection, cleaning and manufacturing, to repair,

refurbishment and support .


The Corrocoat Coating system

The Corrocoat coating system is a comprehensive service for both new and damaged equipment using innovative mechanical engineering combined with anti-corrosion technology to provide individually tailored solutions to corrosion problems.

Unparalleled expertise in coating development.

A flake glass filled system

Glassflake has the advantages of
superior strength,

bond durability and is time saving(leading to lower down times).

Corrocoat Glassflake Coating Material

The anti-corrosion life expectancy of the Glassflake linings
lasts much longer and is seamless, easy to apply by brush,
roller, or airless spray.


Service guide

Corrocoat coating systems

Coating system and engineering “Work flow process”

Our wide range of corrosion protection and engineering services is offered both on- and off-site. It’s provided to all kinds of industries, whatever the industrial sector, and whatever the application, we have a bespoke product and a specific set of skills to help.


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