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Flue gas desulfurization equipment

Project XT & VEF for an absorber
Target High temperature protection in a desulphurisation plant.
Photo description

View of the exterior of the absorber tower – above

View of the exterior of the absorber tower – below

Customers and industries
Power industry, Czech Republic.
Target equipment
Large CHP station
Target Item
Coating period
May 2004
Scope of work
An internal inspection of the coating used on an absorber in a large CHP station was initially carried out.
The inspection highlighted the coating system that had been in place for just 3 years was suffering severe breakdown – especially in the upper areas where the working temperature is close to 200 C. The project scope then was agreed to be the complete refurbishment of the internal coating of the absorber.
Materials used
Corrothane XT in the upper higher temperature areas and Polyglass VEF in the remainder
Coating process
■Grit blast internally to SA 21/2.
■Apply Corrothane XT to upper 170m2, and Polyglass VEF in the lower 400m2 to a minimum dft of 1.25mm.
■Spark tested and thickness checked 100% of the applied coating to ensure no holidays.
Merits of this application
Following the early failure of the initial coating system (a European manufactured Epoxy coating), the customer was eager to find an alternative coating system that could withstand the service requirements – and additionally give extended service life without maintenance.
Corrothane XT is a cold cured vinyl ester and polyurethane hybrid developed for coating steel where high temperature resistance is required – and Corrocoat seemed the obvious choice for the high temperature sections.
Reports from the power station remain positive, and as a result of no breakdown whatsoever in the first year of operation with the Corrocoat system, Corrocoat have been awarded the refurbishment project of another similar absorber tower.
Corrocoat Japan credentials etc
Corrocoat is confident that the coating system will continue to provide the required protection for many years to come – and will audit regularly to assess.