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Multi-stage pump maintenance

Project Multi-stage pump maintenance
Target Pump maintenance, parts manufacturing, repair & lifespan extension
Photo description

After maintenance and repair completed

Parts manufactured

Impeller and casing coating

Customers and industries
Steel Industry
Target equipment
Multi-stage pump
Target Item
Horozontal axis 4-stage pump
Coating period
July 2017
Scope of work
All construction except thermal spraying is done at CCJ
■ Disassembly and maintenance
・ Additionally to disassembly, assembly, and rigorous inspections, parts manufacturing and refurbished.
・ Coating application to deteriorated parts to extend the lifespan.
・ Coating application within the required construction period.
Materials used
■ Molding / Abrasion resistance: Plasmet R, Plasmet T
■ Corrosion resistance: Plasmet ZF, Plasmet ZX
■ Repair and refurbish: Polyglass VE
Coating process
■ Acceptance inspection
■ Pump disassembly / assembly / adjustment
■ Repair of each part (coating, thermal spraying)
■ Parts manufacturing and replacement of consumable parts
■ Various inspections (coating film thickness/appearance, impeller dynamic balance)
■ Reporting documentation with photo files for each process
■ Pickup and delivery
Merits of this application
■ We are not only limited to disassembly and maintenance, but we can provide total support such as parts manufacturing and repair by coating.
■ Add value such as repair and regeneration and extension of life can be obtained.
■ Respond within the required construction period.
■ Coating is selected according to environment and application such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and molding.
Corrocoat Japan credentials etc
■ Demonstrate the added value of extending equipment lifespan through Corrocoat coatings.
■ Establish reliability for one-stop service by supporting total construction, including parts manufacturing.