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Corrosion problem in industry

Corrosion affects everyone, the global cost of corrosion is estimated in between 3~6% of the global GDP, amounting to a global figure of USD 2.5 trillion.

Clearly, corrosion protection is important in reducing the life cycle cost of plants and machinery.

The cost of corrosion

  • Problems with corroded equipment then cause loss of production.
  • Frequent equipment refurbishment, parts replacement and, lack of spare parts.
  • Repeated corrosion problems.
  • Wide variety of high maintenance costs (labor, materials).
  • Adverse effects on loss of corporate image and clients.
  • Unwanted contamination and, costly waste treatment as a by-product.


  • Implementation of reliable anti-corrosion measures.
  • Effective use of coatings by the engineering departments.
  • Use of combined technology “mechanical engineering and corrosion engineering”.
  • Enables reengineering.