Long life of Pump

Project Pump lifespan increase (3 times renewal coating, extension to 27 year continuous operation)
Target Refurbish pump parts by coating
Photo description

1991 Repair of inner running water coating

2018 Open Inspection-After Opening & After Cleaning

Repair of coating molding at parts fitting points (completed fullscale construction)

Customers and industries
Chemical Industry
Target equipment
Seawater equipment
Target Item
Φ600 x Φ600 double suction pump (19 years after operation)
Coating period
1st: 1991 Coating repair (used for next 27 years)
2nd: 2018 Non-construction part coating repair
Scope of work
1991 Pump inner surface coating repair.
2018 Coated areas touch-up, stuffing box coating and molding repair.
Materials used
Corroglass 600: Vinyl ester resin containing high-performance glass flakes
Coating process
■ Primary grit blast treatment
■ Cleaning treatment (removal of residual chloride)
■ Secondary grit blast treatment
■ Corrosion resistant coating application
■ Parts fitting part coating molding treatment
■ Coating parts profile and shaping
■ Top coat
Merits of this application
■ Corroglass 600 is a vinyl ester coating material with high corrosion resistance.
■ Because it has excellent machinability, it is the best material for molding and repairing parts lost in the seawater environment.
■ Excellent coating material and original construction technology will prolong lifespan.
Corrocoat Japan credentials etc
■ Lifespan extension for 3 times by coating application.
■ Project background
・ Photo 1: In 1991, the repairs were made with a long-lasting layer of coating.
・ Photo 2: Pump inspection was carried out in 2018 after 27 years of use, and it was confirmed that the top layer was in good condition.