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Cooling tower fan blade span life extension

Project Cooling tower fan blade span life extension
Target Repair with corrosion and wear resistant coating
Photo description

Before application

After glass fiber laminating

After the repair is complete

Customers and industries
Oil refinery industry
Target equipment
Cooling Tower
Target Item
Fan blade
Coating period
February 2019
Scope of work
Fan blade leading edge
Materials used
■ Corrosion-resistant coating material: Polyglass VE, high-performance glass flake blended vinyl ester
■ Abrasion-resistant coating material: Almagel, glass flake & silicon carbide blended vinyl ester
■ Reinforcement treatment: Glass fiber laminating treatment.
Coating process
■ Surface treatment
■ Polyglass VE laminated and molded
■ Routing of broken holes and molded with a wear-resistant lining material: Almagel
■ Fiberglass laminated throughout the leading edge
■ Polyglass VE molded and rolled profile
■ Polyglass VE finish for vail coat
Merits of this application
■ Reliability from an evaluation of pump liner repair results.
■ Selection and method of construction of the lining material suitable for the environment.
■ Characteristics of the coating material
・Coating selection considering the damage status, material, and environment of use.
・Development of a repair method that takes into account the selection of coating materials that have resistance to corrosion and wear and extension of life.
Corrocoat Japan credentials etc
■ Continuous repair of the fan blades due to the excellent results of the application.