Plasmet ECP

製品情報 コーティング方法 温度限界
製品タイプ Moisture curing two or three pack epoxy primer with excellent adhesion to damp surfaces. 推奨膜厚
製品特徴 Predominantly used as a primer for concrete but also ideal for use on surfaces which cannot be fully dried before application.
May also be used as a primer for ZE on metallic substrates where there are high humidity conditions or a risk of micro condensation.
100 to 175 microns
下地処理 As a surface tolerant primer for concrete surfaces. It may be applied to damp concrete with minimal surface preparation. As a metal primer where the surface should be grit blasted to ISO 8501-1 Sa 2½ standard. For full specification refer to Corrocoat data sheets SP1 and SP2. SDS