Corrocoat Fibercoat

製品情報 コーティング方法 温度限界
製品タイプ A glass fibre reinforced vinyl ester glass-flake lining. This product is a high performance vinylester lining containing both glassfibre and glassflake. 推奨膜厚
製品特徴 As a rehabilitation and high performance lining for thinned/ corroded pipes and where additional tensile properties are required, Corrocoat Fibrecoat may be applied in single or multiple layers at up to 3000 microns per coat. Greater than 3000 microns dependent upon duty and environment.
This material is a barrier coating and the thickness needed is dependent upon service conditions and the existing condition of the substrate.
下地処理 Metals: The surface must be decontaminated, degreased and loose materials removed from the surface. Where possible and for optimum performance, grit blast to ISO standard 8501-1 Sa 2½ or equivalent. SDS