Corrocoat ZIP-E

製品情報 コーティング方法 温度限界
製品タイプ A two part epoxy glass flake coating designed for single coat application 推奨膜厚
製品特徴 Excellent protection for aggressive atmospheric conditions and moderate immersion environments, with good edge coverage and cosmetic appearance.
Ideal for structural steel, pilings, decks, vessel externals and marine environments.
Zip E is normally applied to achieve DFT’s of
200 to 1,000 microns
下地処理 Metals: For best results Grit blast to ISO 8501-1 Sa 2½ standard or equivalent. Zip E can also be applied to mechanically prepared or water blasted surfaces or were Plasmet ZF has been used as a primer. Concrete: Priming is required, use Plasmet ECP as the primer. SDS