Corrocoat Corrofill VE

製品情報 コーティング方法 温度限界
製品タイプ A two-pack, vinyl ester filler and grouting material containing abrasionresistant fillers. 推奨膜厚
製品特徴 As a pit filler or grout for badly pitted steel or other applications that require a high performance, chemically resistant coating system. The material may be applied at DFT’s of up to 6mm but this thickness should not be exceeded in a single coat.
下地処理 The surface to be coated should be free from grease etc. Metal should be grit blasted to a minimum ISO 8501-1 Sa 2½ near 3 or equivalent. All blast residues must be removed by sweeping or blowing clean and vacuuming where necessary. SDS