Plasmet ZF

製品情報 コーティング方法 温度限界
製品タイプ An epoxy compound incorporating rust converter, inhibitor and passivator with leafing barrier protection. 推奨膜厚
製品特徴 A surface tolerant coating formulated to give good protection on rusted surfaces with minimal preparation.
Suitable for atmospheric and some immersed conditions.
Used as a corrosion inhibitive primer for other paint systems and as a high quality primer on blast cleaned steel substrates.
Generally one coat at 150 microns in light atmospheric duty; two coats at 150 microns in aggressive atmospheric or immersed conditions. Edge and stripe coating will be required with both single or double coats.
ZF may be used at 120um as a primer for other topcoats and paints.
下地処理 Remove oil, grease and any other surface contaminants utilising a suitable solvent, detergent cleaner or emulsifier. ZF will tolerate damp surfaces but excess moisture must be removed, dry is best. Most existing firmly bonded coatings can be tolerated and overcoated by ZF. SDS